The Identity

"The logo is the gateway to the brand."  Milton Glaser, Designer is an open platform to resolve sustainability challenges through constructive conversations and collaborations.

The identity demonstrates the positive power and strength of communities, the emotion of social responsibility, the spark of innovation, the element of credibility, the notion of change and movement and the illustration of our collective home, Earth, through its design. 


The ‘r’ in Earthr signifies ‘Responsibility’ towards our planet and all forms of life on it. Anybody who contributes pertinently in any capacity would come to be known as an Earthr: a Responsible Resident of Earth.


The foundation of the insignia is a Circle, which is directly derived from the shape of the Earth. A circle represents unity, commitment and integrity. It sends a positive emotional message of harmony and protection.

Two independent arcs, which when extrapolated would intersect, represent the two seeds of the platform: conversations and collaborations. There is an inherent dynamism in the arcs which symbolises the never-ending momentum in these conversations and collaborations.


Earth's composition of land, water and air can be aptly justified with the use of blue and green.

Blue is the colour of life, sky and water. It makes the brand faithful, true, dependable, content, tranquil, reassuring, open, infinite, expansive and transcendent.

Green is the colour of land, plantation and life. It lends the brand qualities of being natural, fertile, healthy, balanced, alive, harmonious, and environmentally aware.

The identity has been kept:

- Simple, so that it is recognizable and reproducible.

- Portable, so that it can be taken across backgrounds and devices.

- Scalable, so that it can be used in any size.

- Cross-culture adaptive, so that the notions used are welcome across boundaries.