What Inspired Earthr.org?

A majority of us are bothered by the bizarre and untimely climatic phenomenon, the deteriorating quality of the air we breathe, the slow but real exhaustion and contamination of reliable sources of water, the skyrocketing prices of fossil fuels due to their rapid depletion, or the state of our fellow humans around the world - in short, the overall diminishing quality of life on the planet.

A sustainability proponent himself, the co-founder of an Angel Investment Network met thousands of start-ups and eventually realized how so many of them didn’t have inspiring ideas to work on or were focused on solving inconsequential problems. So here's what he thought:

  1. On one hand, we see these sustainability challenges around us and are often clueless about how to take action.
  2. On the other hand, there are numerous practical and scalable solutions which are scattered across research notes, academic labs, patent databases or tiny geographies.
  3. Lastly, a lot of progressive individuals and organisations are willing to back such initiatives.

Join these hands, and we have a platform to share sustainability challenges and crowdsource potential ideas that could help overcome them, thus having a pool of meaningful projects for aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue. The power of crowdsourced collaboration coupled with crowdfunding could be used to bring these projects to life.

The execution team has been growing since then with people driven by a sense of responsibility towards the planet. The approach was refined several times to fit requirements of all potential collaborators: communities, entrepreneurs, volunteers, non-profits, subject experts, academia, and corporates.

The ‘r’ in Earthr signifies ‘Responsibility’ towards our planet and all forms of life on it. Anybody who contributes pertinently in any capacity would come to be known as an Earthr: a Responsible Resident of Earth.

Essentially, Earthr.org stands on four pillars: Issues, Ideas, Individuals and Investments.

Earthr.org is an open platform to resolve sustainability challenges through constructive conversations and collaborations.