How can industries and cities know the level of their pollutant emission?

Posted by Akash Sharma on 21 Oct, 2018

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1 Solution

Aurassure - Real-time air quality monitor

Posted by Carol Watts on 21 Oct, 2018

In 2015, Amiya Kumar Samantaray along with Kishan Kumar Patel, Akanksha Priyadarshini, Asish Sahoo, Nataraj Sahoo and Ashutosha Sarangi founded Phoenix Robotix from NIT Rourkela. 
The startup works in the field of Industrial Internet of Things aka IIoT and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). It launched Aurassure which provides a complete solution for real-time air and weather quality monitoring in Smart Cities. 
In short, Aurassure came into existence to help cities to monitor and to better understand the micro-environments in real-time using sensor-based IoT device and data analytics.