How can sexual and reproductive health education and services be made more accessible for young people?

Posted by Francesca Sereni on 23 Jun, 2018

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1 Solution

SafePal app

Posted by Samar Rizvi on 24 Jun, 2018

SafePal is a platform that young people (12-24) years can use to confidentially report sexual violence and get linked to nearest service providers for help. Service providers include health centers, civil society organizations (CSO), judiciary, GBV safe shelters, police and district local governments. CSOs provide psycho social support, judiciary offers legal education and mediation, referral for medical support while the GBV safe shelters help to house survivors.

The app was developed by a youth team from Uganda, supported by UNFPA. Back in 2015, they decided to come up with a solution to fight the increasing number of unreported and unresolved sexual violence cases in Uganda, especially with children and young people as the survivors. They thought that Uganda needed an easy way for the youth to access timely services and get the appropriate help, which led to the development of SafePal.