How can we build better employment opportunities for the youth?

Posted by Theresa Brooks on 25 Jun, 2018

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1 Solution

One Day

Posted by Mai Nguyen on 25 Jun, 2018

"One Day" experience gets young people in contact with passionate professionals, active in a field they find interesting, to meet up with them on the job, for one day. Verifying the impact of the One Day experience, for young people to make better informed choices about their future career is key for identifying the success of this service. One Day helps 18-year olds to make their own well informed career decisions at a young age, preventing youth unemployment at a later stage.

"One Day" is an online platform that gives young people the chance to get in contact with passionate professionals, who are active in a field they are interested in, and see for a day what it would be like to actually have such a job and find out how they can get there, while widening their networks.

On the other hand One Day gives the possibility for professionals to share with young people what they are passionate about, explaining what they like about it (and what not) and to support and inspire young people to find their way to do what they are passionate about. At the same time they get to know passionate young people who are interested in their field of work, who might become their colleagues in the future.