How can we design Workplaces for Inclusivity And Diversity?

Posted by Dharmesh Mehta on 28 Jul, 2018

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Designing Environments for Inclusivity

Posted by Dharmesh Mehta on 28 Jul, 2018

There are things that can be done very easily without much additional cost or effort, such as:

  • Including ramps as well as stairs.
  • Providing suitable door handles and openings for people with limited manual dexterity, such as levers instead of knobs
  • Use the "closed-fist rule" where suitable handles are used that can be operated with a closed fist, allowing access to everyone
  • Space considerations as per anthropomorphic parameters
  • Ergonomic keyboards and a thorough assessment of work stations and seating
  • Standing stations for those who prefer to work in this way
  • Different sized spaces for those who prefer to working alone and others who prefer working with people around them
  • Multi-sensory safety alarms (auditory; visual), and large-print instructions for emergency and safety equipment
  • Textural and different coloured walls and surfaces for visually impaired, and mange changes in elevations along walkways and corridors
  • Smart technologies and apps that can help staff adjust their ambient environment as per their own personal preferences, such as lighting, heating and glare.