How can we make fashion sustainable?

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 17 Apr, 2020

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Sustainable Fashion: Conscious Buying, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing, Recycle & Reuse

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 20 Apr, 2020

Fashion can be sustainable and in fact it needs to be sustainable given the fact that fashion industry's to global warming is more than even the aviation industry. 

Fast fashion must be curbed and circular fashion should be encouraged. Here are some of the ways in which consumers can ensure sustainability in fashion: 

- Upcycle/recycle unused or underused clothes in interesting ways. 
- Reuse your old clothes as your personal vintage collection. 
- Try exchanging/swapping clothes with your friends/family/cousins. 
- Donate your clothes to those in need. 
- Try custom ordering or get it tailored. 
- Choose vegan fashion. Avoid leather, exotic animal skins, fur & feathers. 
- Ask yourself if you really need that dress/apparel before buying. 

Manufacturers need to keep a tab on their actions as well. 

- Try custom (on-demand) manufacturing. 
- Choose vegan and eco-friendly (natural) raw materials and avoid animal products and polymer-based fibres. 
- Make manufacturing processes more efficient and low on emission.