How can we make Hydrogen a more viable fuel for the today and tomorrow?

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 21 Apr, 2020

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1 Solution

Extensive R&D, Right Policies & a Commercial Approach

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 21 Apr, 2020

Hydrogen has great potential as an emission-free fuel but it's high cost and dependency on fossil fuels (for production) has been a obstruction. However, with the right strategy, researchers and developers would someday be able to achieve a much more efficient, affordable and cleaner way of producing Hydrogen.

  1. Create more R&D opportunities preferably with international collaboration.
  2. Explore possibilities of producing hydrogen through new, lesser known ways.
  3. Amend policies in such a way to assist R&D, production, commercialization of hydrogen.
  4. Outline and develop the required infrastructure for hydrogen production.
  5. Make hydrogen fuel technologies more lucrative for investors in the long term.
  6. Develop new, improved ways of making water electrolysis more cost-effective.
  7. Find ways to incorporate hydrogen fuel cells in more common use cases such as household appliances, lighting devices and more.
  8. Make hydrogen more compatible for public transport systems with the help of improvement in automotive technology.
  9. Encourage commercial use of hydrogen as a fuel by increasing supply and reducing cost.