How can women get work opportunities in male-dominated fields?

Posted by Stuti Parekh on 29 May, 2018

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1 Solution

Driving Schools for Females

Posted by Prachi Kishore on 29 May, 2018

Driving is a male dominant job especially in my country, India, where female safety is also a major concern. Operating motor learning schools dedicated to training women would solve two purposes. First of all, it would create a job opportunity for females who otherwise have to stick to being housewives and rely on someone else for their financial needs. Women who are willing to earn independently can enroll themselves in these schools, get a license and register themselves with one of the cab-hailing services. The second purpose solved by this action would be female protection against crimes. Working women who leave their offices late at night or other females who wish to travel late, take cabs usually driven by males, exposing themselves to a form of crime which is very common in the county, rape or abduction. Having a female driver instead would establish a sense of security for them. Though having a separate school for women seems divisive rather than equating, such steps need to be taken initially to reach a level where all job industries become equally welcoming for either sex to work in.