What are some alternatives to tree-based paper products?

Posted by Earthr.org Content Team on 23 Aug, 2018

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Nimbus' Tree Free, Sustainable Paper Products

Posted by Earthr.org Content Team on 23 Aug, 2018

New eco-innovation company is on a roll with products made from bamboo and sugarcane.

Lifelong friends Mark Samuels and Josh Askin shared a vision to create a world where paper no longer comes from trees and in doing so, help the world’s inhabitants lessen their impact on the environment and preserve the planet for future generations, the pair worked vigilantly to create a strong and soft alternative fiber paper. After months of trial they developed a unique blend that combines bamboo for its strength and sugarcane for its softness. With the launch of their line of products, they are on a roll.

Their flagship sustainable product, Nimbus Extra Soft Toilet Tissue, is comfortable and durable, like a premium tissue, and importantly, soft. Event and venue directors looking to cut down on waste; and hotels and office buildings responding to requests to be more eco-friendly are among the early adopters of the product. The tissue debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and the stage is set for Coachella this month.  For the average household, traditional toilet tissue alone causes 27,000 trees to be flushed down the toilet every day or 10 million trees a year. Nimbus Extra Soft Toilet Tissues provides consumers one of the single greatest ways to reduce their impact on the environment, at a comparable price. Approximately 470,000 trees could be saved each year if every person in the U.S. used just one roll of Nimbus Extra Soft sustainable, tree-free toilet tissue instead of a traditional roll of toilet tissue.

In addition to toilet tissue, Nimbus Eco offers a broad range of exceptional tree-free paper products including EcoSoft Napkins, Two-Fold Hand Towels, EcoPaper Towel Roll, Heavy Duty EcoPlate, Blue Cold Cups and an EcoToGo Container (clamshell).

Nimbus Eco’s sustainable, tree-free paper products are made from a hybrid blend of bamboo and sugarcane pulp. Bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world, has a six-month life cycle from seed to harvest versus a 10-year cycle of trees. The sugarcane used in the manufacturing of Nimbus Eco products is called bagasse, a fibrous throwaway by-product created by the process of extracting sugar from the cane, which is repurposed for Nimbus Eco products. Both the bamboo and the sugarcane are grown on farms and harvested by hand greatly reducing waste and carbon emissions.