What are some examples of sustainable everyday products?

Posted by Eli Martinez on 22 Jun, 2018

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Posted by Melody Douglas on 21 Sep, 2018

The Nanofarm is the first appliance that grows food 100% automatically. Fill its tray with water, insert a Plant Pad and wait for your produce to be ready. Once you close the Nanofarm's glass door, you won't have to open it until you harvest. The food you get is free of GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides.


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GoSun Go: Boil Water and Cook Meals with Solar Power

Posted by Theresa Brooks on 23 Jun, 2018

In 2017, GoSun, a leader in solar grills, came out with a new model designed to allow for portable and economic solar cooking anywhere you go—even on a cloudy day. The GoSun Go is a durable, portable solar cooker that can do everything from boil water to roast vegetables. It consists of a 2-pound grill that folds up into a sturdy case and heats up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius).

The GoSun Go reflects direct and indirect sunlight—allowing you to cook in cloudy conditions—into a double-walled vacuum tube, where light is converted into heat. The vacuum layer allows for extraordinary insulation, keeping food hot while leaving the exterior cool to the touch. GoSun also states that their solar vacuum tubes are more efficient than most solar panels, getting up to 80% efficiency thanks to its special absorbing surface.

There are a myriad of uses for the portable solar stove. It can boil liquids in 30 minutes, letting you sterilize water, make coffee or tea, or rehydrate foods. You can also steam, bake, and roast food in the 14-ounce tube, more than enough space to make a snack or meal for one.

With its unparalleled insulation, it’s no problem to use the GoSun Go in cold conditions, too. Whether on a snowy mountain or sun-soaked beach, the solar rays heat the tube just the same. And because the tube stays cool, the company points out that its a perfect solution of cooking on a boat or other small spaces where there’s a risk for fire hazards.



Kvaern: Solar-powered E-bike

Posted by Francesca Sereni on 23 Jun, 2018

Featuring a sleek futuristic aesthetic and an environmentally friendly design, the new Kvaern electric bicycle offers a sustainable and chic solution for daily commutes. Based in Copenhagen, a city with more bikes than cars, the Danish startup Kvaern created this e-bike as an alternative to traditional bicycles. The name means “cool ride” in Danish, but this bike offers much more than a stylish way to travel to work. Apart from its easily removable battery and smart controls, Kvaern also comes with its own solar power pack. This e bike solar charging system aims to change two-wheeled commuting.

In a similar way to Tesla’s Powerwall, the Kvaern+ charger provides an off-the-grid charging solution as it charges via solar energy during the day. Designed for personal use, the brand’s 100% solar power system has potential for expansion to public installations in the future.

The first Kvaern bike features a 250W motor and can go from 0 to 25 km/h in 4.5 seconds. The electric bicycle also comes with a smart torque sensor technology and a practical display. The latter offers important info at a glance while riding. Launched on Indiegogo, this e-bike solar charging combo surpassed the brand’s original goal.



Tornadex: Eco-Friendly Fireplace with a Twist

Posted by Mai Nguyen on 23 Jun, 2018

A fire can be used as a way to relax after a long day, or as the center of a house party. But fireplaces and fire pits can be difficult to clean and maintain. Depending on the fuel you use, flames can produce heavy amounts of smoke, sparks, or soot. The aftermath may leave your home smelling smoky or charred.

Tornadex offers an eco-friendly solution to this problem. It’s a compact fireplace that runs on biofuel. It’s small enough to easily maneuver around your home while creating a large fire to enjoy. Once you spark your Tornadex, the flames travel up the glass to create a miniature tornado of fire. Biofuel creates the bright flame without issuing sparks and smoke.

Tornadex’s fuel reserve holds enough biofuel to burn for more than 20 hours. All you have to do is pour the biofuel into the reserve, install the glass segments, and press the start button. The glass is heat-proof, which keeps the materials clean. The glass segment shapes also encourage the fire tornado to form. The biofuel comes in red, yellow, and green.

Each Tornadex is 21 inches tall and 7 inches wide. You can choose between three wooden bases or three metal bases. Wood selection include swietenia wood, ebony macassar, and African zebrano. Metal finishes include brass, bronze, and aluminum.

This unique and compact fireplace allows you to enjoy a fire without creating any unwanted smoke or soot in your home. Each Tornadex is incredibly easy to use and offers a beautiful sight to enjoy inside your home.



LuminAid Smart Solar Garden: Wireless Illumination

Posted by Samar Rizvi on 23 Jun, 2018

LuminAid is a company that was founded on one simple idea: Provide cheap, durable, and bright lights for use in the outdoors. That philosophy led to the company’s line of inflatable lanterns, which are popular for use in remote campsites, developing countries, and disaster zones. Through humanitarian partnerships, over 125,000 LuminAID solar lanterns have gone to families without electricity worldwide.

The concept behind those lights came about after company founders Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork came up with a plan that offered earthquake victims of a source of light. That simple, yet ingenious, idea has turned into a successful business, and LuminAID lanterns are now in operation in 70 countries. 

LuminAid Smart Solar Garden is an interactive Bluetooth lighting system that integrates seamlessly into your backyard or patio. The Smart Solar Garden unites green technology and intelligent design to empower sustainable living beyond the grid. These Bluetooth-enabled solar lanterns can be controlled by your smartphone, and can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times. Their brightness and color can all be manipulated remotely, and of course, charge using the power of the sun. With these waterproof Smart Solar Garden lamps, you ought to be able to bring some light to just about any environment, even if there is no outlet in sight.



Zouri: Sustainable Sandal with Plastic from Ocean

Posted by Siddhant Bhandari on 23 Jun, 2018

ZOURI is an eco-vegan footwear project that uses plastic litter from the Portuguese coast in the production of a sandals collection. Over 220 million tons of plastic are produced each year. About 8 million ends up in the ocean. Together with local organizations and volunteers, they are collecting plastic from our oceans and transforming it into a eco-vegan footwear. With the first clean up action, they collected 1.5 tons of plastic debris in 11 beaches of Esposende, Portugal. 

Their goal is to create a network with all defendors of the oceans: public institutions, NGOs, schools, companies, and community for a big take action regarding the theme of plastic oceans.

The plastic debris is transformed into raw material, mixed with natural materials like cork, natural rubber and pineapple leaves fabric - Pinatex. All raw materials are sustainable. The natural rubber, cork and jute all are completely natural and organic.

It is in the heart of Portugal, Guimarães, that local artisans produce all ZOURI sandals. They guarantee that every pair of sandals has the same detail and perfection. When someone receives their sandals, they get a letter with all materials used in the sandal, quantities, and location of plastic and the name of the person that made their Zouri.



ClickStick: The World's First Smart Eco-Friendly Deodorant

Posted by Deepthi Ravindran on 23 Jun, 2018

In 2014, Princeton University grad students Gilad Arwatz and Carla Bahri revolutionized the deodorant segment with ClickStick — a smart deodorant applicator with a mobile app. ClickStick is the world's first smart electric deodorant applicator, equipped with push-button delivery, adjustable amounts, LED indicators and a free mobile app.

The new technology is designed to solve many problems associated with deodorants. The push-button feature makes one-hand deodorant application easier, completely eliminating stains and white marks on clothes. With personalized amount control set by the mobile app, users do not have to worry about getting irritations or putting on too much or too little deodorant. ClickStick's internal microprocessor delivers the same amount every time.

While ClickStick aims to advance personal care application technology it is also eco-friendly, eliminating waste with its refill option (saving between 30% to 90% plastic waste), according to the founders. Users can order refills of their favorite deodorant through the mobile app and continue using the ClickStick applicator to optimize their experience.

Smart features of ClickStick include:

  • Push-button deodorant delivery – An electronic-dispensing mechanism ensures that you deliver the right amount of deodorant to exactly the right place every time to ensure optimal protection and to reduce stains and skin irritations.
  • Mobile app – ClickStick will come with a free mobile app that will give you insights on the right amount of deodorant you need, based on your needs and activity level. The app will also tell you when you need to refill your deodorant, monitor your application habits and have an option for ordering refills.
  • Light activated – The cap and application of your deodorant is now animated with customized LED light.
  • Choose custom strengths and scents of deodorants – Deodorants come in varied strengths and scents, so you can customize. It can also come with any of your favorite deodorant.
  • Refill kit – ClickStick gives you the option to fill your own deodorant with a simple and no-mess refill kit.
  • Cap-activated power switch – ClickStick includes a power switch that prevents accidental operation when the cap is placed.



Wipebook: The reusable whiteboard notebook

Posted by Eli Martinez on 22 Jun, 2018

The Wipebook is a bound notebook that converts the whiteboard experience of having a sleek surface on which to brainstorm into a portable bound notebook you can take with you wherever you go. Unlike other silicone-based erasable notepads, this one looks and acts like a notebook, but it is made of reusable, easy-to-wipe-clean whiteboard instead.

After making a prototype, the team produced an original Wipebook as a proof of concept. Using feedback from that initial run, they developed an improved 2.0 model. To fund production, they launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to lock in 4,000 Canadian dollars worth of pre-orders. The effort wildly surpassed its goal, garnering more than 200,000 Canadian dollars with less than a week left to go.



Pokito: A pocket-sized reusable cup

Posted by Justin Kuhlmann on 22 Jun, 2018

The Pokito cup, designed and manufactured in England, is a new ultra-portable, durable and environmentally friendly cup designed for hot drinks on the go. The cup which can be compressed flat and carried in your pocket, handbag or briefcase also provides a seal if you want to save some of your drink for later.

It is a stylish, fun and practical alternative to single-use disposable paper cups which cause such environmental damage around the world. It’s ultra portable and super versatile weighing only 100g and adjustable into three different sizes depending on the beverage.

Pokito is specially designed to meet the highest standards of safety, functionality and convenience. The reinforced middle has dedicated grooves to protect fingers from heat and create a sturdy core to complement its cup’s topple-proof foundation. Surprisingly, this durability does not hinder the cup’s flexibility. After use, it collapses into a pocket-sized disc that is less than 4.5cm (or 2”) thick. It’s manufactured 100 percent in the United Kingdom using European quality materials that are FDA approved, heat resistant and dishwasher proof, as well as taste and odour-free. It is tough too – it has been tested to last over 1,500 uses, even though it pays for its environmental cost after just 15 uses.



UniLid: One Lid, Fits All

Posted by Theresa Brooks on 22 Jun, 2018

UniLid is a universal kitchen lid that fits all shapes and sizes, created by Two Pillars, a San Francisco-based kitchen and home good innovator. According to Two Pillar's founder and CEO, Alia Lau, while designing UniLid, the focus was to create a multipurpose kitchen tool suited for all households and address many of the commonplace problems present in the kitchen.

UniLid helps eliminate the need for plastic wrap or foil and the annoyance of sifting through cabinets to find the correct size storage lid for the container at hand. The set consists of five graduating sizes that turn any container (e.g. glass bowl, stainless steel pot, plastic tupperware, canned/jarred foods and fruits) into instant storage. Engineered for optimal food storage, UniLid’s patent-pending design creates an airtight and non-spill seal to preserve foods’ freshness and flavor. Each lid also has a rotating day-of-the-week dial that can be used to conveniently track when leftovers expire, weekly meal prep and overall refrigerator organization.

One of the many aims for UniLid is to promote eco-friendly living and decrease the amount of food and disposable materials, like plastic wrap, that are unnecessarily wasted on a regular basis.



Windowfarms: Vertical Food Gardens

Posted by Deepthi Ravindran on 22 Jun, 2018

Windowfarms let you grow fresh vegetables at home by taking advantage of natural light and climate control indoors. The roots are bathed in nutrients from the sea, preventing food plants from getting root bound (as they do in traditional soil filled containers). You get healthier roots, and fresher, more nutritious vegetables without dirt in small spaces. 

By bringing edible gardens into living rooms and kitchens, you learn about where your food comes from while eating the freshest produce available. Indoor farming is becoming very popular and many urban people are choosing to grow plants even if they live in a smaller apartment without outdoor space. Not only is window farming a great hobby, but you can also enjoy consuming fresh and organic herbs and vegetables year-round. With window farming, you can grow all kinds of vegetables hydroponically despite the season or time of the year.

A typical window farm can hold between twenty and thirty plants in a window with dimensions of six inches in width and four inches in height. There are no limitations when it comes to growing, except that one cannot grow any root vegetables. The optimal number of plants you can grow in a window farm is 25, and it also includes cherry tomatoes, peas, peppers, marigolds, lettuce and many more. Besides these, carrots and spinach also do not take much space when growing and work well with a window farm. Good thing is that the harvest is abundant, so you can grow a lot of them within a short time period.



Be. | The First Battery-Free, Powered Toothbrush

Posted by Siddhant Bhandari on 22 Jun, 2018

Every year, 15 billion batteries are discarded worldwide. 87% of of them end up in landfills, 12% of them are incinerated, and just 1% are recycled. Be. is a toothbrush designed by the sustainable toothbrush and oral hygiene company, Goodwell + Co. Be. stands for Beyond Electric. Unlike electric toothbrushes, Be. is more than just a vibrating head. Built as a kinetic storage device, Be. harnesses and amplifies the power of 2 simple twists into over 80,000 tartar fighting brush strokes using its patented multiplier transmission system.

With no batteries, PCB boards, soldering, or wires, Be. is still a manual toothbrush for all intents and purposes. Two twists of the dial and no charging needed has you brushing like you would with your manual toothbrush, but with 10x the cleaning power. 

Be. is made from 90% post-consumer material and is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and of course, battery-free. Be. has developed a proprietary material made of starches and bamboo that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. This material is used in all of it’s premium brush heads, which are engineered to be as small and as efficient as possible. Every purchase of Be. comes with a 1-year supply of replacement heads to minimize the energy and carbon of bi-monthly refill shipping.



MIITO: The sustainable alternative to the electric kettle

Posted by Eli Martinez on 22 Jun, 2018

Traditional kettles are wasteful. In order to make a simple cup of tea, you end up overfilling the kettle. This wastes energy and water and also means you have to wait longer for it to heat up. MIITO is a super adaptable device that can heat a variety of liquids directly in the vessel of your choice.

MIITO is the game changer that goes beyond the normal kettle needs. You only have to heat the amount of liquid you need using whatever vessel you prefer. And it heats more than just water – it can also heat milk, soup and even more.

MIITO's uncomplicated design works with cups, bowls, glass, teapots, and any other non-ferrous vessel. Simply fill the vessel of your choice with water, place it onto the induction base, immerse the heating rod in the liquid, and let the liquid boil.

The MIITO community includes parents wanting a simple safe way to heat up liquids without resorting to a microwave; design and tech lovers who enjoy the look and feel of a good device but don't want to be weighed down by too many appliances; professionals who want the same modern conveniences at their office or on the road as they have at home. While remaining truly innovative, MIITO is designed to feel familiar and reliable, something that hangs out in your kitchen without ever outliving its usefulness.