What are some ways to improve sex-education in schools?

Posted by Stuti Parekh on 29 May, 2018

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1 Solution

Standardized SexEd kits

Posted by Prachi Kishore on 29 May, 2018

Many teachers skip the ‘reproduction’ chapter in biology to avoid answering questions they might feel are embarrassing for them. This is because they have been brought up in a manner that they believe sex and anything associated with it is a taboo and must not be talked about. However, having false information or no information about specific aspects of the human body misleads the children and they end up committing sex crimes because no one told them it isn’t okay to do a particular thing to another person without their consent. To resolve this problem, sex education should be made compulsory in all schools and right from the a very young age when a child starts having questions about their body, true answers should be provided to them.

However, to aid teenagers with understanding their body, sex education kits should be created. These should contain models of the reproductive organs and flashcards explaining everything as the science it is. Also, the taboo around menstruation needs to go. Why can’t women talk about their periods in public? Why are only girls invited to menstruation awareness workshops? Why is it so horrible to bring a sanitary napkin in the hand? Unnecessary sexualization of human body by not talking openly about these issues is the root of many forms of abuses. These kits should also contain information about safe sex and various forms of protection and everyone should be taught the concept of consent through videos or audios or exemplification or whatever might be the most effective.