An Chapter of an organisation is a micro-venture that leads the sustainability entrepreneurship mission for the organisation.

Every Chapter has one Leader, at least one Reporter, at least one Treasurer and a team of volunteers who drive the mission. For smaller organisations, a single person can handle all these responsibilities.

Typically, the average commitment required by a Chapter member is about 3 hours a week.

Objectives of a Chapter
  • Design Sustainability Policies and Frameworks for the organisation.
  • Spread awareness about sustainability and sustainability entrepreneurship within the organisation.
  • Make operations sustainable by switching to zero or low-waste, planet-friendly, cruelty-free products and processes.
  • Design an Event Calendar.
  • Encourage stakeholders to take up entrepreneurial projects in sustainability.
  • Create a financial plan to remain sustainable.
  • Academic Chapters can further design a Sustainability Curriculum which integrates with other disciplines and explore how homework, projects, assignments, case studies, etc. can be more sustainable and action-oriented.
Support from
  • A robust and constructive knowledge-sharing network of global chapters which discusses problems, solutions and alternatives.
  •’s partner network provides access to incubation, mentoring, acceleration and funding for entrepreneurial initiatives coming from Chapter organisations.
  • Assistance in drafting the sustainability policy and frameworks.
  • Assistance in sensitisation sessions, event planning, seminars/webinars, etc. Explore events by and Chapters. Chapters are bootstrapped and self-sustaining. Neither the parent organisation nor is liable to provide any financial assistance to the Chapter. Similarly, neither the parent organisation nor shall request any financial incentive from the Chapter.


If you are from an Academic or Corporate Organisation, you can apply for an annual Chapter License. There is no fee involved.