Make a Contribution for a Sustainable World is a nonprofit foundation that connects Sustainability Problems, Solutions, Entrepreneurs and Investments through Crowdsourcing. Learn about in less than 90 seconds. A brief account of our activities and concerns follows.

Our Offline Efforts

  • CoEarthrs have addressed 5,000+ people from schools, colleges, startups and corporations about issues like climate change, plastic waste, food waste, inequalities, energy crises, etc.
  • Connecting entrepreneurs and startups with mentors, incubators, accelerators and investors assist them in scaling up and exploring new markets/audiences.
  • Forging International Partnerships like for Veganuary India 2019
  • Organising small-scale events like Sensitisation Sessions, Planet Meets, Movie Screenings, Entrepreneurship Talks, etc. in three cities have helped the team interact with experts, activists and enthusiasts.
  • Partnerships with local social bodies amplify reach and impact.

Our Online Efforts

  • People from various countries have contributed to building a repository of Problems and Solutions on Presently, there are 100+ Problems and 350+ Solutions across 10 sustainability categories like Water, Air, Food, Energy, Equality, Health, etc.
  • Through its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram handles, shares unbiased, fact-based data and news about sustainability entrepreneurship.
  • For the Self4Society initiative by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, offered 350+ solutions to organisations and volunteers to choose and implement from.

Your donations allow us to:

  • Crowdsource more Problems and Solutions and enable discussions and collaborations on’s website (and other channels).
  • Address more people about sustainability through Sensitisation Sessions, Planet Meets, documentary screenings, entrepreneurship talks, email campaigns, social media, and other channels.
  • Form Partnerships with organisations at the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Make the website experience easier and intuitive.

Make a Contribution