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Hello, how are you doing today? Hope you are all doing well. Wait, did that sound like a conversation happening too often in our day to day formal setup? Well that’s what we wanted to address in our latest event at uTrade Solutions and Cove Identity where we discussed Sustainability and Health. 

Employees of both the IT companies based out of Mohali were excited to talk about sustainability; they were eager to share their experiences but got stunned when were asked few basic questions like:

 How often do we think about making a sustainable change that will also help us stay fit? 

Do we really take the time out to find solutions about how we can make some small changes in our daily life that are sustainable for our environment (or being selfish by saying) health? 

Some hard facts were shared about how our unsustainable practices are adding 300 million tons of plastic waste; increasing the temperature on an average at 0.2 degree celsius every decade. 

Everyone out there in the event were amazed to know the fact that 23% of all global deaths could be prevented through healthier environments.

Along with this a lot of positive solutions and ideas were also discussed in the event where even the audience participated in sharing their thoughts and doubts to the forum.

We discussed a few of the older sustainable methods that we used to see were practiced commonly by our previous generation but with time we started forgetting them and today they have completely vanished. It is noticeable that almost everyone agreed on seeing those practices earlier. We urged everyone to revive such practices and asked for more sustainable steps they take at home which might be helping our environment.

 People came up with their ideas of how we can create an impact even if small to make our lives and health better. It was a great place to discuss ideas and a lot of people pledged to join our community and live more sustainably.

Sarvpriye Soni; CTO of Cove Identity introduced his platform to be solving one of the sustainability issues and that is over usage of papers in order to share and secure important documents. He mentioned how securely sharing your important documents helps in resolving a big issue as it cuts downs the usage of tons of papers.

 One of the employees of Cove Identity introduced us with a sustainable online platform which produces plantable pencils and pens and we were amazed to see how he has convinced his entire team to ditch the fancy pens and switch to sustainability. 

Usage of edible crockery was also suggested by one of the audience and the HR of the company took an immediate action to it. 

So much to know, so much to share. If you have sustainable ideas and wish to be a part of a sustainable community then do join us at where we discuss the ideas of living a sustainable lifestyle.

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