The first step toward change is Awareness.

Events at align with three key objectives:

  • Being aware about sustainability problems
  • Finding actionable solutions to these problems
  • Helping solutions grow into businesses for mass impact

We organise or are a proactive part of sensitisation sessions, informal hangouts, movie screenings, discussion panels, debates, lectures, and seminars, while always open to new ideas.

Our operations team strives for zero waste events (ZeeWees). Anything which cannot be consumed during the event is not used, and anything which is not consumed during the event is either reused or recycled. Get in touch with us for knowing more about our zero waste events.

Looking for a collaboration? Please drop us a message.


Upcoming Events

Past Events

September 30, 1600-1800 hours
The Back Room, Chandigarh

September 15, 1600-1800 hours
Benares-Kitchen & Bar, Chandigarh

September 2, 1700-1900 hours
The Third Space, Rajkot

August 30, 1700-1800 hours
Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture, Rajkot

August 11, 1600-1800 hours
The TOY Hotel, Chandigarh

July 14, 1700-2000 hours
Lumos Coco, Chandigarh