How can we reduce water wastage?


A portable shower can reuse the same water to keep you clean for two weeks

Posted by Content Team on 21 Aug, 2018

Showers are usually set pretty firmly in one place, they need a water source, drainage, electricity — basically, they're the first thing you forgo when you leave the safety of a modern building. Tokyo-based startup Hotaru has introduced a portable water-recycling shower that can be set up almost anywhere. 

The shower holds about 19 litres of water, which is then purified and reused for the next person who hops in. Hotaru claims that a family of three could each take a five-minute shower each day for up to two weeks. That's over 40 showers on less than 20 litres of water. While the possibilities for where the shower can go are pretty endless, it does need to be hooked up to a power source — although, according to Hotaru, a car will do the trick.



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