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A Vodka company is turning yesterday's cocktails into today's Hand Soap

Posted by Earthr.org Content Team on 21 Aug, 2018

When you're sitting at a bar, sipping a cocktail and enjoying its delicious flavours, you're usually just thinking about how great it tastes. Something you're probably not pondering is what happens to the fruit that makes your beverage so zesty. Once you're done drinking, what's next for those slices of lemon, wedges of orange and other edible cocktail ingredients and garnishes?

New Zealand-based vodka company 42BELOW can not only answer that question, but they're helping make your favourite concoctions more sustainable. Rounding up many a lemon, piece of fruit and even a few olives, they're turning yesterday's cocktail waste into today's hand washing liquid. Prepare to lather up with 42BELOW Recycled Cocktail Lemons Eco Soap, aka the world's first hand soap made from recycled cocktail fruit.



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