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Aarambh Help Desk - Cardboard School Bags that transform into Desks

Posted by Sandeep Singh on 12 Nov, 2018

Aarambh is a non-profit organization that collects old cardboard boxes sourced from recycling centres, offices and retail stores and overlay a stencil design as a template for cutting out the desk/bag. Once cut, the cardboard can be folded into a book bag for children to carry their texts to and from school, rather than the plastic bags many used before. 

At the start of every day, the bag can then be unfolded, and refolded into a small desk, improving the children’s comfort and posture. It will also help them to avoid eyesight and handwriting problems which can arise from reading, writing and sitting all on the floor.

The solution not only helps the children and helps recycle discarded cardboard, but each desk only costs 20 cents to produce.


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