How can waste be converted to energy?


Ancient Bacteria Convert Waste Gases To Ethanol

Posted by Content Team on 23 Aug, 2018

LanzaTech captures and reuses carbon, transforming industrial waste products into resources through a unique gas fermentation technology.

LanzaTech has developed a biological process in which microbes convert industrial waste gases into fuel and chemical products. The company uses an ancient strain of bacteria that evolved living around hydrothermal vents, which produce a similar concoction of gases to those from today’s industry. Through a natural fermentation process, these bacteria grow to produce bioethanol and chemical products.

The solution mitigates carbon emissions from industry and produces low-carbon fuels without adversely impacting food production. In Shanghai, China’s largest steel conglomerate, Baosteel, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have constructed a plant using LanzaTech’s gas fermentation technology for the production of fuel ethanol from steel mill waste gases.



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