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Chakr - Convert diesel smoke to printer ink

Posted by Belinda Richards on 26 Sep, 2018

Chakr has developed world's first retro-fit emission control device for diesel generators. The technology can capture over 90% of the particulate matter emissions from the exhaust of diesel generators without causing any adverse impact on the diesel engine and and converts it into something useful.

To capture the SPM, the Chakr Shield is retrofitted on exhaust outlets of diesel energy generators.  The cooling mechanism in it causes the soot particles to cluster together. The soot particles are then captured by passing the exhaust gases through contours and meshes containing an engineered solvent. 

The meshes and contours with the soot are cleaned with a real time self cleaning mechanism containing an engineered solvent, which holds the soot without reacting to it. The soot with the solvent is then collected in a collection bin, and processed as ink thereafter. 


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