How can social events be made more environment-friendly?


Eco-friendly Alternatives to Venues, Food, Paper and Transport

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 02 Mar, 2020

As awareness about climate change is increasing, more and more people and organizations are inclining towards sustainability. It is a welcome change that people have been looking for eco-friendly, sustainable ways of planning social events. Here are a few ways in which events can be made more sustainable.

  1. Digital invites, posters and banners to reduce paper
  2. Pool-in option for transportation to reduce carbon trail
  3. Keep the venue local and easy to reach
  4. Reduce energy and water consumption
  5. Use solar energy as much and wherever possible
  6. Enable webinars and online meetings for those who are located far away
  7. Zero-plastic approach in catering, promotions and decoration
  8. Use more local and organic food options and ensure that leftover food is either redistributed or used to create compost for plants
  9. Aim for zero waste by using reusable containers
  10. Use recyclable material if reusable materials are hard to find and streamline waste management
  11. Choose venues/hotels that follow a strict sustainable approach
  12. Choose sponsors that support and practice sustainability genuinely
  13. Track and analyze the carbon footprint left behind by the event in real time
  14. Buy carbon credits and/or plant a good number of trees on each day of the event to make up for the event's carbon footprint.