How can e-waste and discarded electronics be managed?


Green Deposit system - Hold on to your electronic device and save!

Posted by Content Team on 25 Aug, 2018

With the ever-changing trend and accelerated evolution of electronics, the product lifecycle of electronics became increasingly shorter. What could the government do to encourage the consumers to make the most out of each electronic gadget, in other words, keep the e-waste at its minimum?

With the "Green Deposit" system, you would need to pay a deposit that equates the recommended lifespan of the product. Each month, you'll get "credit" for not having created additional waste, and by the end of the product lifespan, you'll have full credit to be used against your next purchase. The "Green Deposit Tracker (image)" app will help you keep track of all your devices and their lifespan. If you're an early adopter and cannot wait to upgrade just pay the additional deposit.



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