How can child labour/begging be eradicated?


Har Hath Kalam - Creating a Child Begging Free Society by making children part of an education driven society

Posted by Arpit Agarwal on 14 Nov, 2018

We at Har Hath Kalam India Association firmly believe that to create a Child Begging Free Society our focus should not only rely on children but their families and communities also.

We tend to achieve these by first forming a bond with these kids by involving them in sports and fun activities and slightly introducing traits of cleanliness, discipline, hygiene, patriotism etc into them. Spending atleast 3-6 months with these kids is very necessary before admitting them into formal education system.

During these months, weekly visits are also held in their slums to gain their community trust by listening to their community problems and helping them to solve those problems by introducing them with authorities and right resources.

Monthly or fortnight PTM's also held to involve parents in visioning their kids future and taking important part in their kids education to ensure sustainability.

For the long term part,  the progress of these kids can be monitored through Har Hath Kalam App, on which their quarterly or yearly report(attendence and performance) will be uploaded by school authorities.


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