Is it possible to go completely carbon neutral? If yes, how?


It is possible. It can be achieved by encouraging a sustainable way of life.

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 22 Jan, 2020

It is possible. If Bhutan can remain carbon-negative by prioritizing environment, so can other countries. But it would require some fundamental changes in how we see development. Countries will have to start looking at things from the perspective of sustainability.

Other actions that can help are:

  1. Growing more and more trees.
  2. Using carbon footprint trackers
  3. Recycling as much possible
  4. Using public transport instead of personal vehicles
  5. Switching to electric cars/vehicles
  6. Walking to close destinations (wherever use of vehicles may not be necessary)
  7. Avoiding using plastic and other non-biodegradable things
  8. Limiting waste
  9. Avoiding animal products
  10. Be energy efficient (switch off lights, geysers, chargers, ACs, fans and other appliances and gadgets when not in use)

Recently, Bank of America reached carbon neutrality (a year before its scheduled target).  Countries, corporations, institutions, homes and individuals can do it, if people become more aware and active towards carbon neutrality.