Can vegan meat replace conventional meat?


More & More Vegan Meat Start-Ups Need to Come Up

Posted by Priyanka Sharma on 17 Jan, 2020

Yes, it can. Availability is one major problem. If more vegan meat makers could make it to the market, the drift would eventually turn away from conventional meat.

Several vegan food start-ups across the globe have already begun. Here are some vegan meat makers championing the cause around the world.

  1. Beyond Meat -
  2. Field Roast -
  3. Boca Burger -
  4. Sweetheart Foods -
  5. Gardenin -
  6. Tofurky -
  7. Yves Veggie -
  8. Light Life -
  9. BTB Foods -
  10. Morning Star Farm -



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