How can sustainable sanitation be achieved?


PeePoo Toilet

Posted by Content Team on 25 Aug, 2018

The Peepoo Toilet is a vital way for people in developing nations to use the restroom safely, especially when they have a contagious disease. The slim, biodegradable bag is used by an individual in the absence of a toilet. The bag sanitizes human excrement, turning the contents of the bag into fertilizer in about a month. The PeePoo Toilet, however, is a single-use solution, meaning it may not be practical for every time someone needs to use the restroom. Nevertheless, it's providing an innovative, safe way to prevent the spread of disease in the absence of improved sanitation. 

About 1 in 3 people — or nearly 2.4 billion people worldwide — lack access to a toilet. Managing human waste is a massive issue in developing nations, with improper sanitation partially responsible for the spread of deadly disease. Each year, poor sanitation contributes to an estimated 00,000 child deaths from diarrhea.



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