What are some ways to tackle ocean garbage?


Planters that trap and remove rubbish

Posted by Earthr.org Content Team on 22 Aug, 2018

Melbourne's Yarra River was a dumping ground for industrial run-off and is also attributed to the litter that finds its way into the river. To help remedy this rubbish that's affecting the health and quality of that Yarra's water, local industrial designer Rowan Turnham has developed a floating device to help trap and remove litter from the waterway.

In collaboration with non-profit vegetation renewal group the Yarra Link Project, Turnham (through his company Amass Design) has developed Project Galada. Galada is a modular capture barrier that floats on the surface of the water to capture and collect litter that accumulates there. Designed to look like bike chains, the pods link together to create a barrier suitable for the environment. As the Yarra flows  both ways, so the flap is opened by downstream flow (letting in litter), while an upstream flow pushes the flap closed (trapping litter).

The blue pods also act as buoyant planters, with roots that are submerged into the water to provide bio-filtration for the river. As well as removing cheeseburger wrappers from the Yarra, Project Galada will also help improve the health, biodiversity and quality of Melbourne's waterways both now and for the future. We still wouldn't swim in it, but still.



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