What are some ways to fight world hunger?



Posted by Earthr.org Content Team on 25 Aug, 2018

Because no single food crisis is the same, a nimble relief operation relies on a variety of tools that help local communities and their partners respond to what is needed on the ground.

Plumpy'sSup is one type of Ready-to-Use Food (RUF) typically used in emergency situations and to prevent and treat moderate malnutrition for children under five years old. It’s a tech innovation in nutrition science that infuses a peanut paste with a long list of micronutrients that can be consumed from the comforts of one’s home. Plumpy’Sup is packaged in one-day sachets, are ready to eat, and can be consumed in small quantities to supplement one’s regular diet. In areas without electricity or clean water, RUFs like Plumpy’Sup give hungry families better options to fight hunger and malnutrition.