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Invest In Planet with

Invest In Planet with

Sustainability is defined as the development which satisfies present needs without compromising the capacity of future generations, ensuring a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social wellbeing.

Sustainability is the future of everything right from the environment to the world economy.

Which makes it very clear that the future of the planet and all its inhabitants depends directly on whether we can reduce threats such as the effects of climate change, scarcity of water and other resources, and overpopulation, if put in other words; investing in the planet is the best option for the future.

Wordly or popular trends could mean investing in the planet as buying stock in sustainable companies, but it could be understood with a different perspective as well. Investing in our planet is about everybody doing their part – governments, industry, and individuals on their own as a community, and as a consumer.


It’s a common perception that companies sell what consumers ask for – if that was true, advertising and marketing wouldn’t be the billion-dollar industry, engaging a lot of creative and innovative minds to attract customers. But consumers can sway the market. 

But the power of consumer cant be denied too if everyone starts buying electric vehicles instead of SUVs, the auto industry would respond with more EV options and fewer petroleum products.

Consumers always have the option to educate themselves and choose sustainable alternatives. The Internet is filled with information on finding greener options – from mattresses to shampoo. Every little bit helps, and it would be wrong to say that we can’t shop without keeping climate at stake.

Simply eliminating the intentional purchase of poisons, like plastics and pesticide grown veggies makes a big difference. After that, prioritize choices that either require little effort,to make a big difference in your impact (like recyclable materials).


Being a conscious citizen is not only a moral liability but also a political piece. Before voting, use your due diligence to identify candidates who have good plans for the society and the members of the society that will not just promote the economy, but a green economy, which we call a sustainable future. 

Identify great Republicans on the environment, great Democrats, great Independents; for a green and healthy future. If you can’t find a good candidate, take an initiative and become one yourself to run the show. Citizens are also responsible for holding their elected representatives accountable. Write or call your representatives about environmental issues often.

Educate the future generations about the universal climate change in classrooms because schools determine whether kids develop the 21st-century skills that will allow them to make green innovations and discover sustainable climate change solutions. If you have kids in school, get involved in the PTA and help ensure kids have access to climate literacy education.

If you don’t have an educated public and workforce, who’s going to make the stuff? If you don’t build green consumers, who’s going to buy the stuff? If you don’t educate the kids, who’s going to vote for green politicians?


Whether you have a tight office schedule or have a bundle of household responsibilities, you can still be a civic-minded member of your community to bring a green change. You can be an active member of local cleanups; support local businesses, and plant trees.

Planting household trees is something which should be given a lot of importance. Too many homeowners consider trees a nuisance, blocking views and buckling sidewalks. But trees are awesome, and they provide more than just aesthetic benefits but also carbon sequestration, minimizing the heat island effect (which is increasingly important as climate change leads to hotter summers), and even filtering pollutants. Even if you can’t plant a tree, you can grow a tomato plant in a pot by your front door or herbs in an apartment window. It connects us to the natural world in a way nothing else can, and it’s a great educational tool for kids.

Your workplace is also your community, every individual is also responsible for the greener economy. Every industry has opportunities to bring greener initiatives. Look at the way yours works. Try to influence your own company’s processes and procurement choices to be more green.

Stop blaming others and hold yourself accountable too. No one person has to do it all; we all just have to do the best we can. Join the community and be the responsible citizen who can bring the green revolution.

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