Partners actively collaborates with companies, nonprofits, academia and other organisations that align with our vision to promote sustainability entrepreneurship inside and outside their organisations. The support and contributions of all the partners has been paramount in the growth and impact of, and the same is duly acknowledged and appreciated.

Cancel - Your Sustainability Partner

As your sustainability partner, could:

  • Assist in establishing an Chapter which leads the sustainability entrepreneurship mission for your organisation. Your team automatically becomes a part of a robust and constructive knowledge-sharing network of other global chapters which discusses problems, solutions and alternatives.
  • Provide access to incubation, mentoring, acceleration and funding for entrepreneurial initiatives coming from your organisation.
  • Educate, empower and support your stakeholders to identify and implement sustainable business practices.
  • Share global information about problems, solutions, startups, statistics and events etc. related to sustainability entrepreneurship.
  • Assist in the design internal policies and frameworks for sustainable development.
  • Work with your team in the creation of an event calendar to promote planet-friendly practices.

Interested to know more?

Corporate Partners

Organisations that believe in not just Profits, but about the impact of their actions on the Planet as well.’s Corporate Partners are drivers of change, early adopters of sustainable practices and influencers in their geographies.

Investment Partners shares inspiring and impact-driven ventures and projects with its investment partners which after scrutiny, may add them to their due diligence process and consider them for incubation, mentoring, acceleration and investments.

Community and Outreach Partners’s reach directly impacts the scale of impact, which is why collaborations with volunteer groups, student clubs, communities, etc. are an important part of the growth strategy. Outreach partners help spread the message and co-create events.