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Sensitization Session at GrayCell Technologies and launch of Chapter

Sensitization Session at GrayCell Technologies and launch of Chapter

“Sustainability is key to human survival, the earlier we understand the better,” expressed Munish Jauhar, CEO of GrayCell Technologies, Chandigarh.

In a short, interactive sensitisation session, the team discussed some of the most crucial sustainability challenges like Plastic Waste, Livestock Industry, Conservation of Water and Energy, and how change starts from us – the community. “Taking care of Mother Nature is everyone’s responsibility. Even small steps like avoiding single-use plastic, responsibly using natural resources etc. will help greatly in achieving environmental sustainability,” quoted Simranjit Singh. The idea is not to convert anyone but to help them make an informed decision. A lot of marketing campaigns are just driven by capitalist intentions of plundering the pockets of the public. We have to read between the lines.

Most people are shocked by the end of the session because the extent of the problem stays far from our mainstream media. It only reaches the masses when the scale becomes shocking – the Arabian Sea throwing 2,15,000 kg of garbage back into Mumbai, for instance. Gitesh aptly added, “Nature is capable of rebounding, all we need is stop meddling with it.”

GrayCell also set up an Chapter to drive sustainability inside and outward their organisation through outreaches, sensitisation campaigns and events, and to encourage adoption of planet-friendly products and choices. “Change starts from us. Even an individual step can do wonders,” added Ankit. is a nonprofit foundation, trying to bring sustainability challenges, ideas and entrepreneurs on a common platform to resolve crucial issues like Climate Change, Plastic Waste, Energy Crisis, Peace Conflicts among others. Chapters are independent teams that work towards sustainability within their organisations through awareness sessions, team activities, community services, among others.

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