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uTrade launches the First Chapter; pledges to go single-use plastic-free

uTrade launches the First Chapter; pledges to go single-use plastic-free

uTrade Solutions (Chandigarh, India), headed by Kunal Nandwani, became the first organisation to adopt and launch an Chapter (EOC).

In a short sensitisation session, the team came face-to-face with a few Sustainability Challenges and worked together in finding alternatives and ideas to address some. “Awareness is Step One. This session made us think of things which are otherwise not highlighted in our minds,” Vineet Khurana said about the event.

“It’s high time to realise how much we are humiliating Earth day by day. Let’s take a pledge to cut short those degrading factors,” Riya quoted when she agreed to volunteer for a sustainable office.

The first major challenge and pledge taken up by EOC uTrade are to eliminate all single-use plastic from their premises and processes. Amandeep Singh remarked, “Daunting and yet, necessary. We don’t know how we allowed Plastics to engulf us to this extent.” is a nonprofit foundation, trying to bring sustainability challenges, ideas and entrepreneurs on a common platform to resolve crucial issues like Climate Change, Plastic Waste, Energy Crisis, Peace Conflicts among others. Chapters are independent teams that work towards sustainability within their organisations through awareness sessions, team activities, community services, among others.