We are both honoured and excited to introduce you to some of the well-known personalities who are promoting Veganuary India 2019.

Ajitesh Verma

Ajitesh Verma, an ethical vegan since 8 years, is a fitness enthusiast apart from being an advertising professional. He has done it all  from long distance running to surya namaskars to swimming to being a gym rat. Since last 1.5 years he has transformed himself in to a calisthenics athlete. He has done all this and more on nothing but plant-based diet. He doesn't take any protein supplements and such and believes in the power of well-balanced simple home-cooked food. He is an ethical vegan for animals, the environment and of course, his health.

Anushka Manchanda

Anushka Manchanda is a singer, music producer, actor and editor who lives in Mumbai.  Discovered on one of the most explosive talent hunts in India, her portfolio of work is vast and spread over different genres of technical and artistic expertise. She has been on music television as a Vj and a host. Her film Angry Indian Goddesses, directed by Pan Nalin, and has been dubbed and released in over 80 countries worldwide, winning at various film festivals like the prestigious TIFF and Rome Film Fest. She has been the editor on big projects for brands like Jack and Jones, and is also producing music for them with her brother Shikhar Manchanda. 

Her latest project is her alter ego Nuka, an alternate artist name through which she is producing and creating audio and visual content that brings attention to the things that are important to her..wildlife conservation, equal rights, nature protection. For reference of the work she intends on producing..please see Don't Be Afraid by Nuka at and check her Instagram at @kissnuka .

Kian Gurnani

"I am Kian. I was born on world vegan day so my parents didn?t have a choice but to raise me as a vegan :) I am now 3 and go watch cows and calves play every day.

My friends have cow?s milk and cow?s milk chocolates and cakes. I always tell them those chocolates are for baby cows as it has mama cow?s milk in it. I once asked daddy to buy me a purple chocolate from the shop. Daddy said it has cow milk. Then I said let?s buy it and give it to the baby cow :)

I like to eat dosa, paratha, pasta, bread with butter and chocolate chip pancakes. Mamma makes them all.

I love banana cupcakes, peanut butter cookies and have them every day, if my mamma allows. Mamma makes them vegan for me. I also love eating dark chocolate - 2 everyday: p

I have almond milk and cashew milk at night. Not cow milk."

Kuntal Joisher

For Kuntal Joisher, his whole life played out before him when he, along with other mountaineers, was trapped at Camp 2 of Mt. Everest during the devastating avalanche that swept through the encampment triggered by a massive Earthquake in April, 2015. The near death experience triggered in him a storm of emotions which would change his entire life.

Meet Kuntal A. Joisher, 37 years old, the first Indian Vegan mountaineer, hailing from Mumbai, India. Kuntal, a passionate climber, is as adventurous, dauntless and a risk-taker as they come but there’s more to him than meets the eye. His expeditions to some of the world’s most dangerous mountains are fiercely driven by a profound personal mission as a Vegan champion, Dementia awareness advocate and a Humanitarian inspiration.

Monica Dogra

Monica Dogra has for long been renowned as a DJ, singer, model, and actor, paving new paths for Indian artists across the globe. From starring alongside Amir Khan in Dhobi Ghat to performing at the prestigious Glastonbury music festival to hosting ‘The Dewarists’ – which went on to win at the Cannes International Festival – Monica has left a distinct footprint everywhere she goes. Amidst all this, Monica Sharma Dogra is also a champion for ethical and clean eating. Her journey through veganism and the profound impact it has had on her lifestyle and art has been nothing short of remarkable.

Pooja Rathore

Pooja Rathore has a dual degree in Computer Science and Fashion Design. Currently, she’s doing M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management. She has worked as a stylist and a fashion designer. Five years ago, after learning about the cruelty-free lifestyle, she started giving more attention to the farm animals and has worked for Vegan Outreach as their outreach coordinator for India. She also started working for animal rights from an early age of 3. She’s an activist so you’ll mostly find her raising awareness about cruelty-free lifestyle on social media or doing street activism.

Rohan Hingorani

Rohan is from Australia and lives in Mumbai. He is 25 years old. He has a keen interest in fitness and the lifestyle around it and moved to India in May 2016 to setup a plant-based food brand to enable people to live a better, healthier life. He has grown up in three countries and has travelled to over 40 countries across the globe including Spain, Greece, Colombia, Japan and Philippines. He can speak Hindi, Spanish and Arabic in addition to English. He served in the Australian Army for two years at the age of 19.  

When he moved to India, a turn of events led to participating in some of India’s biggest reality shows – MTV Roadies Xtreme and MTV Splitsvilla 11. All of these experiences put together taught him that there is nothing more fulfilling in life than serving people. He believes that getting himself out there and increasing awareness in India and the globe about the benefits of following plant-based diet can well and truly change the lives of people for the better. And that, to him, would be mission accomplished.  

Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi is an internationally certified plant- based fitness expert and sports nutritionist specialist. Through her in depth knowledge in the field of fitness and passion for animals, she helps people across the globe transition into a plant- based diet with ease and get fitter.

Sadaa Sayed

Sadaa has acted over 40 films in South Indian languages, mainly Telugu and tamil. The most noted among them are 'Jayam', Anniyan (directed by Shankar with Vikram), Monalisa and Unnale Unnale. She received FilmFare's Best Actress Award for the debut film Jayam itself and has also been awarded with Peta' s Hero To Animals. She has actively rescued over 50 pigeons, some 40 kittens and few dogs. These rescues and her love for animals made her realise how all of them are sentient, understand love and care and respond to it. So she turned vegetarian. 

She was a vegetarian for many years before turning an ethical vegan in Nov 2017 after coming across awareness videos on social media about cruelty in dairy.

Sangeeta S Bahl

The word “unstoppable” achiever resonates with Sangeeta S Bahl. It is no wonder that she has created History by climbing Everest at 53 thereby becoming the oldest Indian woman in India. She turned vegan post her Everest Summit, a pledge she fulfilled after her conquest. She is an influencer with the masses and is using her voice to spread Veganism.