Vegan Groups India

Meeting other vegans and like-minded people can give you a sense of belonging. These groups are great for new (and existing) vegans as they offer support, advice and friendship. We've compiled a city-wise list of all major vegan groups and movements in India, with coordinates to their social media handles, websites and contact persons.


REHAI-freedom for animals

A group created to spread awareness about Speciesism and Veganism.

Number of members: 1000-5000

Contact Person: Malvika Kalra


Vizag Vegans

A group for all Vegans in the city Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. We conduct, organise and host programs and events for Vegan Activism.

Number of Members: 50-100

Contact Person: Gunwanth Theegala


Delhi Vegans for Animal Liberation

A voluntary group of animals liberation activists helping people to go vegan.

Number of Members: 100-500

Contact Person: Raghav

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